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Visible Supply Chain Management Announces Organizational Name Change

December 4, 2017 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Historically separate business entities will now all be referred to by a single name—Visible Supply Chain Management
Salt Lake City, December 4, 2017Visible Supply Chain Management’s (Visible) family of companies, including Pro Star Logistics, Pro Star Fulfillment, ABS Packaging, Parcel Partners, PS Parcel and IntegraCore Fulfillment, will now be branded as Visible Supply Chain Management.
The name change is intended to bolster performance at all levels, as it will help employees offer a wider breadth of services to businesses in search of technology-forward supply chain solutions.
Customers will enjoy the full power of various experts, up and down the supply chain, who don’t just bring different perspectives to any challenge, but also find the right data-driven and innovative solutions for even the most difficult supply chain puzzles.
Customers can expect to gain access to packaging and carrier relationships in the thousands; benefits that may be leveraged across the entire supply chain spectrum. They will also benefit from over two million square feet of warehouse space dedicated to business-to-consumer fulfillment, and enjoy industry-leading accuracy levels of 99.98%.

“We are very excited about this name change, as it will make it easier for everyone at Visible to offer a wider breadth of services to new and existing customers,” remarked Visible’s President, Casey Adams. “Most importantly, this change will serve to make our brand feel more clearly aligned with our purpose, products, and service offerings.”

Visible is continually searching for innovative ways to disrupt the supply chain management industry. Our vision to reimagine the sector is why our award-winning service helps tens of thousands of clients maximize their supply chains, and how we will ship over 80 million packages this year alone.
About Visible Supply Chain Management:
Since 1992, Visible Supply Chain Management has been expanding into the one to call for companies who need to ship anything, anywhere, any time. As a result of our growth, we offer proprietary technology systems, shipping and delivery, custom packaging, freight, kitting, fulfillment, distribution, logistics, and warehouse management tools. We now serve over 20,000 customers worldwide, ship over 1.6 million packages every week, to 135 countries this year, using four country-wide warehouses—all while maintaining 99.98% accuracy, and saving clients up to 40% on regular shipping rates. It all adds up to a difference that’s clearly Visible.

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