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On the road, the game's all about logistics.

Visible just spent 10 days helping the Utah Jazz with their longest road trip of the season.
Our video series lets you follow us as we travel 5,000 miles across the country.
They're fun to watch and they prove our theory that no matter what you're moving, getting it there on time and in peak condition all comes down to great teamwork, logistics and planning.
We are proud to partner with this great team and help tell their story to the world.


To win on the court, you've got to win on the road. Take a look at how the players rely on team chef Anthony Zamora for all their food and snacks on their road trips.


Do the guys get sick of each other? Is the road different from being together at home? Hear from Joe & Mike on this episode about team bonding that helps make long road trips more enjoyable.


Equipment manager, Adam Klauke, is the guy the players can rely on for all their traveling needs. From loading bags on the plane to putting bubble gum in Donovan's locker, he takes care of the details so the team doesn’t have to.


The security team does their job so the players can be safe to do theirs. "They can just focus on their jobs, which is the business of basketball."


"Adam is top-notch." —Mike Conley With the constant travel and uniform changes, organization is key. Jazz equipment manager Adam Klauke shows us his process of making sure every player has what they need for every game.


  • 1 5 games played
  • 1 9 straight days with either a game or a flight
  • 1 4,948 total miles traveled

That's a wrap on our longest road trip of the season!