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We cracked the postal code to provide the best shipping strategies and pricing for e-commerce, retailers, b2b shippers and other fulfillment companies.

Visible helps companies such as, Endicia, Pitney Bowes and 25,000 others save millions per year on shipping. 

Visible uses “Inverted Dimensional” pricing—where you pay the lesser amount between size and weight—to reduce shipping costs. By leveraging our unique postal partnerships, expertise and high-volume shipping rates, we help clients save an average of 20% on e-commerce shipments.
And, we reduce “accessorial costs” (those unexpected fees that carriers charge) by designing smart multi-carrier shipping strategies and then applying super low shipping rates on top.

Buying Power Makes it Possible

We employ a multi-carrier approach to give you the best pricing on parcel, no matter what.

• Save up to 41.2% on qualified shipping costs

• Ship over 171 million packages per year

• Guaranteed 2 and 3-day shipping thanks to Visible’s eight warehouses across the country

How We Save You More

We’ve learned a lot over our 25+ years in business.

• Engage inverted dimensional pricing strategies

• Partner with trusted PC Postage providers and implement specialty rates directly

• Easy to understand clean invoices


International Shipping

Why limit yourself to 50 states?

• Visible ships to over 220 countries and territories

• Leverage Visible’s bulk rates and expertise with DHL and save 15%-20% over shipping internationally with other carriers.

• Fixed annual rates (no monthly tier pricing) and no weekly or monthly service charges

• All shipments move DHL Express, with average delivery times of 2-3 days


Strategic partnerships with PC Postage provides and User Interface providers help us deliver seamless customer service. We team up with innovative companies to offer incomparable supply chain expertise. Our reseller agreements allow us to sell rates to anyone and we’re continually seeking new partners.

Partner With Visible

Visible's New Blue

Packages come in all shapes, sizes and types. Visible’s best solution for 1-to-20-pound packages is our exclusive New Blue rates. Compare Visible’s rates with what you are paying now.

SPEED: Guaranteed 2-day shipping within Continental U.S.

TECHNOLOGY: Real-time notifications keep customers well-informed on delivery progress

GUARANTEE: 3-day service guarantee

SUPPORT: Visible’s customer support team is always available and resolves any carrier issues directly on your behalf, saving you time and stress

SAVINGS: Save 10-to-40% on shipping costs and boost your bottom line

Common Questions

We know that functioning in a multi-carrier environment, especially as a seasoned company, poses challenges. Visible is changing software offerings to help some make the transition from single carrier to multi carrier as easy as possible.

While Visible’s fulfillment services lay at the core of what we do, we negotiate the best small parcel rates to complement your fulfillment needs, or to simply give your company the very best pricing on parcel shipping.

Of course. Smaller companies win on price every time. No question.

Absolutely. Larger organizations also ($1M+ in parcel spend) benefit. Visible’s expert analysts find opportunities and solutions that will always beat our competitors’ strategies and rates.

What we offer...

Commercial pricing across all products

Insurance so you can rest easy

Compatible software

Custom shipping rates

Decades of experience optimizing carrier decisions

Solutions-focused carrier options