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Leading with Visible Packaging is a Competitive Advantage for Your Ecommerce Business

Packaging leads the way into most new customer opportunities, from making your business more efficient and sustainable to providing an elevated customer experience that has them placing follow up orders. Yet, many companies dismiss custom packaging supplies as an insignificant detail instead of understanding its impact and taking the time to invest in this key element of ecommerce supply chains. This is where Visible comes in.

Are you experiencing longer lead times? Are your vendors taking too long to even provide a quote, and are they living up to committed volume? These questions can easily reveal where there may be room for improvement—there are several pieces of the supply chain puzzle, and it can quickly become overwhelming. Visible packaging can step in and help.

When you lead with Visible packaging, you have a competitive advantage for your ecommerce business. We beat the competitors’ lead time on manufacturing, consistent quality of our packaging products, and the delivery time from order to arrival. Here are the key differentiators of Visible Supply Chain Management and our custom packaging solutions.


Competitive Pricing

Here at Visible, we are strategic about our purchases and have significant buying power. We have built relationships with top tier manufacturers and buy stock packaging materials by the truckload from them, and that translates to bulk discounts—savings that we can pass along to customers. We’re committed to working with businesses and budgets of all sizes, and this helps us achieve our goals.

The result: Visible offers low-cost stock and custom packaging solutions so your company can keep its supply chain costs down and allocate funding toward growing the business, but you don’t have to sacrifice service level and reliable access to all the custom and stock packaging supplies your business needs at any time of the year.


Turnaround Time

Today’s fast-paced business world has made businesses and consumers alike place high value on speedy deliveries and lightning fast turnaround times. However, nobody wants to sacrifice quality along the way. That’s why the competition boasts about the quality of their products but will take weeks or even months to deliver on their promises. Capacity issues plague the packaging industry as major companies like Amazon and Walmart buy up all the packaging supplies they can in any areas they service. Their large orders and buying power can lead to delays on the delivery of your essential custom and stock packaging supplies. Visible has strategically invested in increased manufacturing capacity so we’re able to address your needs quickly and cost effectively.

Visible Packaging beats the competitors’ lead time on manufacturing and delivery times while still providing an extremely high quality product. You can also request production-quality samples to ensure we can provide exactly what you need. The packaging is created and delivered within 5-7 days from the time the purchase order is created, so you will be all set in a week or less. We even have some stock supplies that can be delivered within 24 hours.


Collaborative Business Partnership

We know you don’t want to feel like just another cog in the machine, which is why we collaborate with our customers wherever possible. Visible is a top packaging provider, yes, but more importantly, we act as a business partner. Problem solving is a key component of what we do, so you can count on us to work with your best interests in mind and find a resolution if any issues arise.

There is no one-size-fits-all packaging strategy, so we don’t expect our customers to fit into a box—pun intended. Here at Visible, we listen to your needs, explore options and find the right solutions, just for you.


Easy and Affordable

Finding business partners for any of your endeavors can be an arduous process of requesting and waiting for quotes, reworking your budget numerous times and scouring the Internet for reviews. You want to work with a company that is reliable and has provided positive experiences for past and current partners, but you also have to keep pricing constraints in mind.

Visible makes this process simple. Whether you prefer to reach out via phone, email or automated form, we can work together when it’s convenient in your schedule and determine how to be as cost effective as possible. Once you’re onboarded, it’s an easy, affordable end-to-end solution for your custom and stock packaging needs.


Stop Worrying About Your Shipping Supplies


Managing a supply chain means juggling several different moving parts, and sometimes packaging falls toward the bottom of the priority list, until an actual issue arises. We get it, which is why we’re happy to take over. With Visible, you’ll never worry about having the shipping supplies your company needs to deliver to your customers.

In fact, we even made some recent upgrades to our operations and have a more high-quality and high-output box-converting facility than ever before. Our latest flexographic printing technology gives you a competitive edge so your business does not get left behind in today’s commoditized economy. Even better, you’ll have the power to print high-quality custom packaging without relying on yet another third-party solution.


On-Demand and Emergency Packaging Needs

It takes multiple parties working together and minimal disruptions for a supply chain to perform smoothly, but sometimes curveballs and real emergencies happen. In these instances, you shouldn’t have to put your operations on hold just to wait for packaging supplies to arrive.

Visible to the rescue: We’ve optimized our to-market lead time and increased speeds by 50%, so we can fulfill any on-demand order as well as can manage all your emergency packaging needs. Also, maintain optimized “just-in-time” product inventory, while reducing lead times.


Packaging Done Your Way

Turns out, the box matters just as much as what’s inside it. Packaging is an excellent branding opportunity that can solidify a customer’s decision to shop with you again. It’s the nice, neat bow that ties that post-purchase experience together and is a subtle reminder of your brand identity.

Visible offers true customization and branding of packaging, so you can get the most value out of your spend. We can even help your business understand how cubic pricing and DIM factors can significantly impact your shipping costs. We can help your company use the smallest packages possible for your shipments. You can come to our team with your vision, and we will rise to the challenge to create unique custom packaging and designs.

Better yet: Visible is committed to sustainability, so our packaging is green and eco-friendly. Excessive packaging is out of trend, but more importantly, it is harmful to the earth. Our team can help you minimize the volume of packing material used by your company and optimize the design of your packages for branding and dimensions. Most importantly, Visible never compromises on packaging quality. Our high-quality materials are heavy duty and can stand up to the rough transit of a supply chain.


See Visible in Motion

Get a behind the scenes look at the Visible Supply Chain Management packaging plant in this video featuring Jeff Bean, Visible’s President of Packaging Division, and Casey Adams, President of Visible. The plant shows clients a tangible operation in motion and lets them develop an emotional attachment to the packaging that is being created for them—like “Christmas in the middle of the year.”


Our Care Means a Personal Touch

While we love packaging, that’s just the start! We are part of the bigger Visible Supply Chain Management network. Visible is a one-stop-shop for all of your parcel, fulfillment, packaging and logistics needs. We help companies reduce stress and save money by meeting their logistics, warehousing and product fulfillment goals.

Visible has you covered with best in class shipping rates, a national warehouse network, can help manage ground operations, and is your partner in finding the most efficient and innovative way to get your product to customers. This is all wrapped in our signature customer service so you have what you need when you need it.

Contact Visible today at 385-213-5550 about any of your custom and stock packaging supplies. Our team is here to help your business ship like an industry leader.