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Keep the Supply Chain Running Smoothly with Visible Kitting & Repack Services

Since the coronavirus outbreak, some companies are finding they need to downsize their product count, or re-case/reconfigure products into new packaging to get it out to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. This can be accomplished through kitting and repack services.

Kitting is the assembly of separate pieces into a single offering. Creating kits makes it possible to have a ready-to-ship set when a customer places an order to expedite the fulfillment process. Common scenarios where kitting and assembly services are needed: multiple components arrive separately that need to be assembled, inventory needs to be prepared in a particular way for customers, or inventory needs to be broken down from a case into single units (or vice versa).

Common Examples: Product Samples | Electronics | Nutritional Supplements | Media Kits & Promo | Items Multi-Level Marketing Kits | Subscription Box Programs | Cosmetics & Beauty Products



  • Faster order fulfillment. Fulfillment time decreases with each kit counted as a single SKU.
  • Reduced shipping mistakes. Items don’t have to be weighed or labeled separately—plus, shipping labels can be pre-printed. Eliminating steps in the process helps eliminate the chance of errors.
  • Cost-effective and efficient packaging. Shipping costs can decrease when kits are packaged in a box customized by weight and size. Efficient packaging also means better customer service.
  • Improved operational and facilities management with reduced amount of floor space used in manufacturing facilities.
  • Shipment savings. Orders can be consolidated into a shipping unit or in larger bundles.


3PLs can manage these tedious tasks in a way that prevents errors, lost or misplaced parts, and general disarray due to volume. Kitting eliminates wasted time and disorganization, streamlining the entire system.

Teaming up with the right logistics service provider during this time is going to be crucial to ensuring things are properly handled and the demand for additional products is met. Your 3PL should have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure accuracy in inventory management and order fulfillment among other important aspects of the supply chain.

You should also make sure that your service provider has the technology to accurately manage inventory and provide total visibility. Strong reporting capabilities are critical for transparency, monitoring performance, and decision making. It is also helpful to have system integration in place for improved efficiency and web portal access to view real-time data, including orders and inventory.


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