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In the Holiday Countdown, Will Your Shipping Strategy Bring Success?

In the Holiday Countdown, Will Your Shipping Strategy Bring Success?

-One of Utah’s Fastest Growing Companies, Visible Supply Chain Management, Illustrates the Importance of Shipping and Logistics to Customer Satisfaction and Business Success-

December 19, 2018, Salt Lake City—Thanks to digital disruption and continued globalization customer service expectations are going through the roof and stretching retail and ecommerce companies further than ever before, putting supply chains under unprecedented amounts of stress. However, Visible Supply Chain Management (Visible), one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah and fastest-growing supply-chain providers in the U.S. and world, is demonstrating that business performance maps directly to supply chain success.

Today’s supply chains are the backbone of an information ecosystem in which a connected and carefully coordinated set of movements and actions must be tracked at every level in order to maximize efficiency and meet customer demands. Today’s consumers are always connected and can place an order anytime, from anywhere, and then expect their item to be quickly delivered to wherever they are, for free. This requires a supply chain that operates around the clock. In the final days of the holiday season, especially, thousands of vendor/consumer relationships are strengthened or ruined as providers succeed or fail to deliver shipments with accuracy and on time.

“We are operating in a world where consumers expect all vendors to rise to the standard of Amazon Prime,” said Visible CEO Casey Adams. “They want shipping to be free and delivery to be practically instant.”

In response to this challenge, in 2018 Visible’s small parcel division shipped more than 136.3 million packages and provides almost 1,000 jobs.

Supply-chain strength is also vital to company growth. Seventy-nine percent of companies with high performing supply chains achieve better than average growth, according to research. But only eight percent with inferior supply chains exceed average growth. Yet supply chain functions often receive less strategic attention than other areas, resulting in a surprising level of business demise.

As a one-stop-shop for clients ranging from billion-dollar enterprises to small business, Visible is driving the supply chain function to new levels of efficiency and service, allowing companies to grow faster and become more profitable with best-in-class shipping costs. Through acquisition of Pro Star Logistics and IntegraCore in 2017, the company has grown rapidly and amassed steadily-increasing purchasing power and has been acknowledged as one of Utah Business’ top 3 fastest growing companies in 2017 and 2018.

A New Standard of Excellence

Regardless of your score in the current holiday season, Visible suggests supply chain quality be first on the list of every company’s resolutions for 2019.

About Visible:

Since 1992, Visible Supply Chain Management has provided customized solutions for B2B and B2C organizations. With comprehensive services in e-commerce, direct sales, direct response and omni-channel, Visible can design effective strategies for clients that include transportation, logistics, brokerage, fulfillment and even custom-packaging solutions. For more information, visit


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