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Do you demand best-in-class customer service? The solution is clearly Visible.

You, and your customers, are the lifeblood of our organization.

PortKey ™

Visible’s PortKey™ is a powerful key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and management system.

The Visible Approach

At Visible, our goal is to build long-term strategic partnerships by actively listening and understanding your business. Once we understand your business inside and out we provide unparalleled performance, value-add solutions and world class customer service with the visibility to prove it.

Extensive Order Fulfillment Services

Quick response times are critical to your business. Visible’s strategically-placed fulfillment centers improve transit times to customers. Services like real-time tracking and transparent reporting ensure you know where your product is, no matter what.

Scale Up, or Down

Our ecosystem is built around the direct-to-consumer model. If you experience seasonal spikes, Q4 rush, Black Friday, BOGO’s, promotions and autoships, we have the automation, technology and infrastructure to scale with increased volume. We are there every step of the way.

Customer Experience

We deliver unrivaled customer experience. Our specialized teams work like an extension of your business to optimize processes and serve your customers better.

Our Teams

Implementations Team:

Ensures a smooth onboarding process (average timeline is four weeks) and painless tech integration.

Client Services Team:

World-class customer service, at your service. Reach out to your designated account manager at any time for support and requests.

Sales Rep:

We develop a complete understanding of your business and optimize processes wherever we can, allowing you to focus on company growth.

Fulfillment Services

  • Kitting
  • Dynamic Shipping
  • Painless Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Complete Transparency
  • Packaging Procurement
  • Order Status, Inventory
  • Pick & Pack
  • Tech-based Management

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Visible moves more than 3 million orders a month and delivers to over 220 countries and territories.

Eight warehouses, strategically positioned across the country, enable us to ship anywhere in the continental U.S. within 2 days, all with a 99.80% accuracy and 99.9% on time delivery.

Keys to Drive Your Business

Visible's customer portal is a window into your KPIs and transaction data. 24/7 access provides on-demand order status updates and freight tracking, as well as inventory reporting, quality metrics, receiving status, billing detail and production orders.

Visible’s custom-built Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard is a real-time reporting solution for all facets of the supply chain. The BI dashboard is available across Visible’s services, including parcel, fulfillment and freight, and enables data-based metrics to drive business decisions.

The Life of an Order


Our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) can quickly scale and get your product ready for picking within 24 hours.


All inventory is thoroughly checked upon arrival. We validate order volume and ensure that no product is damaged, crushed, missing, chewed or used.


Smart inventory management is one of the most strategic aspects in fulfillment operations—with Visible’s established processes, we can fulfill and ship an order lightning fast. With our systems you can see your inventory levels 24/7. Our systems also project for scalability, so you are always prepared for seasonal spikes or unexpected promotions.


Commercial and custom packaging solutions are not just pretty to look at. The right-sized box can help save thousands on shipping costs. With our predictive box technology, we ensure the highest package efficiency and optimization.

Parcel Pricing

We are the industry leader in parcel shipping, with over 127 million parcels shipped on our accounts last year, we are the second largest USPS reseller next to Amazon. Our high-volume shipping rates will get you the best possible pricing and highest cost savings. We will also improve your transit time to the end customer based on our fulfillment center locations and product offerings.


Visible lowers risk with our business intelligence and KPI management tools which provides a deep understanding of freight logistics to find the right solutions via multi-carrier strategies, LTL, TL, Expedited, Volume Shipments, White Glove and Final Mile.

What You Get

Technology-Driven Solutions

Single Point of Contact

Nationwide Coverage

Full Implementations Team

24/7 Visibility to KPI’s and Transaction Data

Infrastructure built to scale with your increased volume