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Case Study: Visible, USPS Deliver Thousands of COVID-19 Tests Amid “Shipageddon”

After Carrier Caps Shipper’s Volume, Visible and USPS are Prepared to Deliver in 48 Hours

Visible has more than willingness to make the impossible possible for our customers. We have the expertise, partnerships, technology and agility to do it effectively.


In this video, Visible President Casey Adams shares how our team averted a “Shipageddon” crisis and helped a logistics provider deliver thousands of COVID-19 test kits after having their volume capped by another carrier a week before Black Friday. Click here to read the Utah Business press release.



Ecommerce package volumes have surged since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, straining carrier capacity. Because of the significant increase in demand, some of the major national carriers have put caps on customer volumes. In fact, just this week, Nike, Gap, and many other large retailers have had their volume capped with little or no notice (additional information is available here).

In this case, a large logistics provider was informed by their carrier just one week before Black Friday that their volume would be capped at 17,000 COVID-19 test kits per day. With 35,000 daily test kits to ship, this left the company with 18,000 remaining test kits to deliver. The shipper needed a solution quickly and at the worst possible time: “Shipageddon,” a term being used to describe the overwhelming demand for carrier capacity and the resulting delays this holiday season.



The logistics provider contacted its technology partner, SHIPSTORE, a multi-carrier shipping software, and the SHIPSTORE team asked Visible for a solution. Visible contacted its partners at USPS and confirmed that they had the capacity to take on this business as well as the resources to ramp up and deliver the tests quickly. Because of Visibles long partnership with USPS and status as an authorized USPS reseller, Visible was also able to secure favorable Priority Mail rates.

Within 48 hours of engaging Visible, the customers account was set up, including implementation, integration, credit checks and credit application. During this timeframe, SHIPSTORE was also set up to write to Visibles public API in order to access labels and allow Visible to provide payment terms to the shipper, which was vital to their ability to continue shipping.

In addition to ensuring the 18,000 COVID-19 test kits were delivered on time, Visible provided support as a consultative resource, helping its customer build a multi-carrier strategy that would mitigate the risk of similar challenges in the future.


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