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Visible Improves Supply Chain Efficiency through Central Hub Consolidation, Custom-Built Receiving App

By streamlining operations and tailoring technology to its client’s needs, Visible reduced its customer’s transportation costs, delivered greater visibility and improved overall supply chain efficiency.


The Client

A multinational corporation that provides solutions for automation in manufacturing, energy efficiency, HVAC and infrastructure improvements.



In the client’s former process, product that was imported from international suppliers or manufactured within the United States was shipped Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) directly to various destination plants across the country. This operation was not cost-effective and failed to provide the visibility and validation necessary for business management and planning. Service failures, damages, overages and shortages were difficult to track, manage and rectify.



In Visible’s solution, freight would be delivered to a central hub (Visible’s Dallas facility) to be validated, received, consolidated and shipped FTL to destination plants according to the client’s daily load plan.


Product Validation

Visible validated that information such as product type, pallet count and weight of the inbound freight matched supplier documentation. Visible reported discrepancies and damaged freight to the client immediately with photos and supporting documentation.


Custom-Built Receiving Application

Inbound and outbound processes needed to be executed swiftly, which meant that data needed to be entered into the Warehouse Management System (WMS) efficiently—and accurately. To accomplish this, Visible developers built an application that would enable data scanned from the client’s barcodes to populate specific fields in Visible’s WMS. Receipt data was transmitted directly into the client’s system.


Outbound Processing

Once received, product was consolidated by destination plant for outbound shipping. Visible ensured that the outbound freight followed the client’s outbound load plan and that maximum weight was not exceeded.


Visibility & Reporting

Integration was established between Visible’s system and its client’s system so that orders could be sent directly to Visible’s WMS and provide immediate visibility. Visible also provided customized reports, including KPI scorecards and Business Reviews.



  • Increased visibility and data accuracy through system integration and usage of customized scanning application
  • Cost savings by consolidating inbound freight and shipping FTL
  • Improved efficiency, with validation, receiving and outbound processes taking place within an hour


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