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In a previous blog post, “Beware of the Dangers of an Unauthorized USPS Rate,” we explain what a USPS Approved Reseller is and why it is critical for shippers to ensure their discounted USPS rates are coming from a company authorized to resell them. In this post, we’re taking a deeper dive into how a USPS Approved Reseller can support your business and improve your bottom line.


It Pays to Know Your Rate Provider

Most companies likely know who provides their USPS shipping label, or they have heard of the popular PC Postage providers, but that doesn’t mean they know where their rates are coming from. It can be helpful to know who your USPS rate provider is, as they can introduce you to new software options or USPS products that will save your business money on every USPS shipment. For example, does your company ship more than 150,000 Priority Mail packages per year? If so, an authorized USPS rate provider like Visible Supply Chain Management could help you get approved for a discount on your USPS shipments.


Software Options & Shipping Technology

When you partner with an approved USPS Approved Reseller, you have more software options and access to experts who will assist your business in selecting the right software solution. Utilizing a shipping technology with robust automation features not only adds efficiency to your warehouse or shipping department, but it also reduces human errors by ensuring that the right box dimensions, carrier, or service level is selected on each order. This can reduce shipping costs and improve the customer experience by reducing order errors. Because Visible Supply Chain Management can work with nearly any shipping software available, your business isn’t limited.


Access Expertise and Savings

When your company partners with an approved USPS reseller like Visible, you can access your USPS rate in any number of shipping platforms, but you also get access to expert insight on the best way to utilize the USPS within your business. This expertise comes from years of experience in USPS pricing and can have a real impact on your bottom line. Just one way to do this is by utilizing Priority Mail Cubic pricing, which is meant for shipments less than .5 cubic feet. Your business may already use Priority Mail today, but if your shipments are small and heavy, you could save up to 30% or more by using Priority Mail Cubic pricing.


An Unauthorized Reseller Will Cost You

Shippers who receive discounted postal service rates from unauthorized resellers run the risk of having their rates increased without notice, or even losing USPS service all together. This kind of disruption puts a shipper’s customer service capabilities as well as their reputation on the line. Ecommerce volumes are at an all-time high, and shipping with an authorized rate reseller will help keep you protected and delivering packages all year long.

Get discounts without the risk by partnering with an approved reseller like Visible. Contact us today at 877.728.5328 to find out how Visible can help your business better utilize the USPS and reduce your shipping costs.